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Hi. I’m Lo.

The truth is I hated planning my own wedding. I felt like I was going it alone and was surprised by how hard it was to find partners who embraced my vision. Thankfully, the guy was worth it and that experience is what led me to become a wedding planner. After a decade of planning luxury weddings I am bringing my process to you. Why? Because I think you deserve a wedding as unique as your love story, without the drama of figuring it all out on your own.

This is not another wedding checklist. This is an entirely new approach to wedding planning that will make you feel like you have a planner on speed-dial.

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The wedding world has a language all its own. Talk-the-talk with our Wedding Dictionary


You’ll spend more time with your photographer than anyone else on your wedding day. Make sure it’s a healthy, fun relationship with our Photography Guide.


Most couples are overwhelmed by the stationary process. Grab our Stationary Blueprint and make the most of your consultation.


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It’s time to put on your CEO red lipstick. Welcome to the world of wedding math. I’ll show you how to set and stick to your budget so you can find the venue that’s right for you. 

As the CEO of your wedding you’re going to be planning this party bit by bit. If you don’t have a clear financial picture you’ll overspend before you’ve even gotten started. 

I’ll walk you through my entire process from how to use my Budget Overview Guide to my Venue Estimate Checklist. We’ll establish a list of target venues and learn how to compare them so you can sign confidentially on the dotted line. I have never been good at math, but Wedding Math I know. 

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As a wedding planner I’ve never liked the word “vendor” it sounds so transactional. You want to hire people who are going to help make your day AMAZING. I like to call them your Creative Dream Team.

So how do you find the right people who are going to share and elevate your vision? I'll walk you through how to find the best talent, what to ask to make sure it’s a great fit, how to financially compare your options and how to prepare for each consultation. 

I’m a big believer that you get the very best customer service when you’re a great client. I’ll show you how to talk the talk so everyone is excited to work with you and ready to go above and beyond. 

Be The Girl With A Plan

There is no shortage of wedding planning checklists out there yet, couples are still overwhelmed. Why? Because those checklists don’t show you HOW to get the things you need to done.

Let me customize your Planning Timeline and be the friendly reminder in your inbox each month that keeps you sane. Every email from me will include your to-do list for the month and links to the blog posts and inspirational content you need to cross everything off that list. 

As an official #Girlbossbride you’ll get an exclusive invitation to our bi-weekly Virtual Planning Sessions where you can ask me ANYTHING!

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Cheerful Woodlands

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If you are walking down the aisle to Iron & Wine. Live in ripped jeans on the weekend. Lose your breath for a quick minute when you look up at the stars. Are embracing simplicity when it comes to your wedding design. You might just be a Cheerful Woodlands kinda Girlbossbride.

Modern Glamour

If you are drawn to clean lines but love the idea of a classic monogram. Are leaning towards a hotel or museum venue. Have been eyeing a sheath wedding gown. Tend to wear mostly black. You may just be a Modern Glamour kinda Girlbossbride. 

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Tailored Bohemian

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If you love a good flea market. Wear your grandmother's jewelry. Are drawn to gold over silver accents. Have a favorite reading nook. Watch murder mysteries. Are getting married in a historic property. You might just me a Tailored Bohemian kinda Girlbossbride.

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