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The Girlbossbride Guide Virtual Planning Service is your customized action plan brought to life through a library of video coaching. You'll have access to every cheatsheet, template and swipe file you need to get the job done, joyfully!

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Is It Right For You?

Not getting as much                from your venue as you imagined ?


Have you signed most of your contracts but are still at a loss as to how to bring the pieces                 ?


Are you dreaming of a wedding that feels totally             ? 



this was made for you!


module two

I want you to get the absolute BEST customer service from the wedding industry. That starts with your very first inquiry email. Which I've written for you!

We'll prioritize your Dream Team needs. Then I'll walk you through how to find and hire the best talent to bring your vision to life.

I've created a video coaching session for each person you'll need to hire. Inside each session you'll have an inquiry email swipe file and consultation cheat sheet.

Everything you need is right at your fingertips.


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module three

We're diving into the design process! This is my favorite part of wedding planning. It may seem like a whole new world to you so I'm going to break it down bit-by-bit. 

Before we talk about what your day is going to look like we need to talk about what you want it feel like. This will save you from Pinterest overwhelm. For the first time you'll be using Pinterest strategically NOT aimlessly.

Great design isn't just pretty flowers. It's what creates the vibe of your day and we want that feeling to ooze from every moment and corner.  

What Do You Want Your Day to Feel like?


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module four

The secret to stretching your floral budget is keeping a 30,000 ft view of the whole space. You don't need to do everything to the max. Great design allows you to scale back in certain areas and still create the vibe you want. I'll walk you through my process.

I've created specific coaching videos tailored to every budget level. Inside I'll walk you through:

how to stretch your floral budget


what you get

- 30,000 ft view floral ideas
- lighting ideas
- simplistic and lush centerpiece ideas
- budget appropriate floral types
- suggested blogs to follow


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module five

Where you place your tables and chairs and how you move guests through your event space is the most affordable way to create a WOW factor.

Inside this module I will walk you through my 8-step process to creating a floor plan. 

When we're done you'll be seeing your 30,000 ft view crystal clearly.


Make your
floor plan wow


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module six

Let's get to know each other. I want to know the whole story. How did you met? What's your favorite food? Family traditions? How you like to spend date nights?

These are the stories and tidbits that make you YOU and your love so special. We're going to weave them into the details of your day so every guest walks away saying "That was so them!"

Inside this module we'll cover your Save The Dates, Invitations and Day-of Details. I've even created a swipe file for all the text you'll need.


Your Love Story
In The Details


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what you get



module seven

I'm not even going to pretend this module is even a little bit sexy or even pretty. Some might even call it boring but I can not stress enough how important it is.

Together we're going to update your Event Timeline and turn it into an iron clad roadmap for your entire wedding weekend.

I've broken the nitty-gritty down into 5 coaching videos so you can take it
bit-by-bit. By the end you'll have a document you can share with your Dream Team. And man oh man will they be impressed.

When you're this buttoned up you free up your Dream Team to go above and beyond for you. This is how you get the absolute best customer service. Let's roll up our sleeves and dig in!

logistics made easy


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what you get



You're about to get MARRIED! I couldn't be more excited for you. I don't want you to loose a minute of beauty rest so now is the time to wrap up all the details in a pretty little bow.

The final countdown


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what you get

- your ceremony
- transportation
- seating chart
- event timeline updates
- final walkthrough
- Dream Team confirmations

I know how much work you've put into planning. I'm going to make these final to-do's as simple as possible for you. I've created a ceremony workbook, delegation cheat sheet and confirmation email swipe file for you.

Together we'll finalize:



wedding planning should be

i want you to feel like you have a wedding planning on speedial

You're going to feel supported every step of the way. From live Q&A sessions to personalized design deep-dives. We'll be seeing a whole lot of each other. I'd love to customize a plan specifically for YOU. Let's chat. 

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Hi. I’m Lo.

After deciding I had had enough of working in advertising agencies I started a boutique wedding design firm, LoLo Event Design. I married my passions for personalized events and production processes (underneath it all I’m a total nerd) to create once in a lifetime events.

I have worked for CEO’s, politico heavyweights and sports celebrities in some of the most beautiful venues across New England. My work has been featured in many of the blogs you’re probably reading including, Style Me Pretty, Grace Ormond, Carats & Cake and The Boston Globe.

One particularly fabulous bride I worked with kept asking me why she wasn’t stressed. She was worried she should be doing something she had forgotten about. My answer was I’m on it. She wasn’t stressed because I was overseeing everything. In that exchange an idea was born. How could I save every bride from the overwhelm of wedding planning? And so The Girlbossbride Guide was born.


I'm In!




"I am not a very creative person and none of my guests could believe I didn’t have a wedding planner. The Girlbossbride Guide made me the confident, relaxed bride I wanted to be."

— lindsay


"I am not a very creative person and none of my guests could believe I didn’t have a wedding planner. The Girlbossbride Guide made me the confident, relaxed bride I wanted to be."


Questions you may be asking yourself

How Is Content Delivered?

After you complete your purchase you’ll be sent your unique log-in details to our membership site. From there you’ll see a “Dashboard & Content” drop-down menu which lists the Virtual Planning Guides you’ve purchased.

Navigate to "Find A Venue You Can Afford" and every bit of my process will be there waiting for you. 

There are downloadable templates, cheat sheets and video guides from me to ensure you sign that venue contract with confidence. 


What Happens if I need more help?

I want you to feel supported throughout the planning process. You deserve to feel like you have a wedding planner on speed dial. 

When you have a question I invite you to join our Virtual Planning Sessions. Every other week I host a live webinar format Q&A for all the Girlbossbride members. 

I am committed to getting you concrete answers so you’re encouraged to submit your questions in advance via our contact form. If your question is complex or very specific a member from our team will reach out to get the details needed so I can answer it for you live.

You can purchase a ticket to an individual Virtual Planning Session or a subscription for $25/month. Click on the "Virtual Planning Session" tab in your member area nav. 


Do You Offer A Money Back Guarantee?

Yes! We want you to love being Girlbossbride. We’re committed to making the entire wedding planning process easier for you and stand by a 30-day money back guarantee.


is there a way I can connect with other Girlbossbrides?

Yes! I invite you to join our private Facebook Group, the Girlbossbride Tribe. Here you can connect with other brides and be sure to get my latest tips & tricks. I also pop in here from time to time to answer specific questions,