save yourself from making a big financial misstep

As the CEO of your wedding, you're going to be planning this party bit by bit. If you don't have a clear financial picture you'll overspend before you even get started. 

venue hunt

find a venue

you can afford

Is It Right For You?

Is sticking to a budget a          ?


Are you deciding between                  venues and don't want to make the wrong choice?


Have you been running the                   but are afraid you're missing something? 


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budget overview guide template

what you get

Venue overview template

I'll walk you through the exact process I use on a venue search.

venue estimate checklist

I'll show you how to set a realistic total wedding budget. We will break down how much you should be spending on each major budget category

Before you sign on the dotted line I'll make sure you confidently know what venues you can afford. 

budget tracker template

The secret to sticking to whatever budget you set.

what you get

video tutorial

Wedding math can be overwhelming. I'll show you exactly how to use the powerful Budget Overview Guide. I'll even share my top tips on how to design a day you can afford.

negotiation swipe file

Your venue/food/beverage expenses will make up the majority of your budget. Learn how to negotiate your contract to get the most out of your investment.


Imagine knowing how to

like a pro 

How much more relaxed would you be? How much time would you save? A LOT. Which is why I'm including my coveted Negotiation Swipe File.

Send Me Your Entire Process and Step-by-Step Guide

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Hi. I’m Lo.

The truth is I hated planning my own wedding. I felt like I was going it alone and was surprised by how hard it was to find partners who embraced my vision.

Thankfully, the guy was worth it and that experience is what led me to become a wedding planner.

After a decade of planning luxury weddings I am bringing my process to you. Why? Because I think you deserve a wedding as unique as your love story, without the drama of figuring it all out on your own.

As my engagement gift to you I want to send you a customized planning timeline and my monthly check-in emails. Think of Be The Girl With Plan as the world-wide wedding web delivered to your inbox.

We were stunned by how overwhelming the venue search process was. A friend recommended The Girlbossbride Guide which was exactly what we needed to get organized and make the best decision for us. The templates helped us navigate each site visit and realistically compare venues. We were able to confidently understand not only our venue costs but our target wedding budget so we knew which venues we could afford and which were just not realistic. The Girlbossbride Guide took the stress out of a very overwhelming process and we couldn't be more grateful. ”


"I am not a very creative person and none of my guests could believe I didn’t have a wedding planner. The Girlbossbride Guide made me the confident, relaxed bride I wanted to be."


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What makes me an expert?

After deciding I had had enough of working in advertising agencies I started a boutique wedding design firm, LoLo Event Design. I married my passions for personalized events and production processes (underneath it all I’m a total nerd) to create once in a lifetime events.

I have worked for CEO’s, politico heavyweights and sports celebrities in some of the most beautiful venues across New England. My work has been featured in many of the blogs you’re probably reading including, Style Me Pretty, Grace Ormond, Carats & Cake and The Boston Globe.

One particularly fabulous bride I worked with kept asking me why she wasn’t stressed. She was worried she should be doing something she had forgotten about. My answer was I’m on it. She wasn’t stressed because I was overseeing everything. In that exchange an idea was born. How could I save every bride from the overwhelm of wedding planning? And so The Girlbossbride Guide was born.

Send Me Your Entire Process and Step-by-Step Guide

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Questions you may be asking yourself

How Is Content Delivered?

After you complete your purchase you’ll be sent your unique log-in details to our membership site. From there you’ll see a “Dashboard & Content” drop-down menu which lists the Virtual Planning Guides you’ve purchased.

Navigate to "Find A Venue You Can Afford" and every bit of my process will be there waiting for you. 

There are downloadable templates, cheat sheets and video guides from me to ensure you sign that venue contract with confidence. 


What Happens if I need more help?

I want you to feel supported throughout the planning process. You deserve to feel like you have a wedding planner on speed dial. 

When you have a question I invite you to join our Virtual Planning Sessions. Every other week I host a live webinar format Q&A for all the Girlbossbride members. 

I am committed to getting you concrete answers so you’re encouraged to submit your questions in advance via our contact form. If your question is complex or very specific a member from our team will reach out to get the details needed so I can answer it for you live.

You can purchase a ticket to an individual Virtual Planning Session or a subscription for $25/month. Click on the "Virtual Planning Session" tab in your member area nav. 


Do You Offer A Money Back Guarantee?

Yes! We want you to love being Girlbossbride. We’re committed to making the entire wedding planning process easier for you and stand by a 30-day money back guarantee.


is there a way I can connect with other Girlbossbrides?

Yes! I invite you to join our private Facebook Group, the Girlbossbride Tribe. Here you can connect with other brides and be sure to get my latest tips & tricks. I also pop in here from time to time to answer specific questions,


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